Two Excuses and an Adventure

Well hello there, friend.  I know I am supposed to be throwing a big 80’s kitchen party in this post, but ya know…I have my excuses.

First off, I am a boy mom.  For those non-boy moms out there, that means sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Exhibit A:

So it turns out going down the slide upside down and backwards, onto the slip and slide, with the hose is not the best idea. Who knew? #lifewithboys #heisverypleased #boymom #thisabundantlife #notbrokenatleast #alwaysanadventure

It seems as though setting the slip and slide up at the bottom of the playground slide, then going down said playground slide head first, whilst your brother sprays you with the hose, is not the best idea.

Who knew?

 I mean seriously.  Who would have guessed?

Lesson learned.

Well actually, let’s be honest here…it surely won’t be the last time I abandon ship and rush to the urgent care (nor is it the first).  And so is the life of a boy mom.

Lest you worry yourself, Little Man only suffered a sprain and as it turned out, was quite pleased with the whole event.  Because of course he was.

So all the whiles we are dealing with that, I am also packing us up to go to Europe for a month (planned before we decided to move).  As you can imagine, preparing to leave just four weeks after moving is slightly disruptive, but as they say, life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all, eh?

And exhibit B for no 80’s kitchen partying:

Two suitcases, four backpacks, and four weeks in Europe. Our 80's beauty queen house will have to chill on her own for a while. #packinglight #Europe #klakvaca #thisabundantlife #wanderlust

Please note my stellar packing abilities here.  Two small suit cases and four backpacks.  Four weeks, four people.  I am pretty sure I am soon going to be receiving an award for this action, because seriously.  I shocked even myself on this one.

So I write to you tonight from Copenhagen, Denmark where the weather is cool and the buildings are lovely and we are taking a breather from Crazytown where you move and rehab a house while dwelling in it.


Needless to say, our 80’s beauty queen house is on her own for four weeks, and pictures of her will have to wait, my friend.  I know you understand.

In the meantime, I will do my best to afflict you with the travel bug by sharing our adventures abroad for the summer.  We are thrilled to be here and even more excited to share it all with you!  Traveling overseas with kids is always interesting to say the least, so I can promise some good stories!


Are you taking any summer adventures this year?