The Bathroom Makeover Begins

Yay!  It’s finally time to start some fun stuff around here!  We’ve got our 80’s beauty queen house stable and in working order, so now it’s time to bling her out!

Project number one: The Bathroom


Guess what?  This space is not only the boys’ bathroom, it also the guest bathroom.

Which is super awesome.

Because boys are so clean.



This project will involve rehabbing the space as economically as possible, while still achieving a big impact.  Nothing is particularly nice in this bathroom so I feel very free to try out some crazy unconventional stuff.  What do I really have to lose besides some 80’s tile and a rather questionable vanity?

So yeah, nothing.

I have nothing to lose.

First, let me regale you with some lovely before pictures.

(Please excuse the pictures.  It’s nighttime here and the awesome lighting is working against me.)

The Vanity


So yeah, this doesn’t look so bad and clearly someone along the way decided to try and help the 80’s beauty queen out by installing a new vanity.  Sort of.  I use the term “install” loosely because upon further inspection, you will notice that this thing was dropped in and cobbled together in all sorts of unholy ways.  But it’s not a total loss.  I think with a little chalk paint and some lovely drawer pulls, this vanity can be saved (and so can my budget).

The Light

img_3605I mean, I can’t even.

What was this person thinking?

A giant fluorescent light???

Please stop.

Under said light I have discovered two holes in that weird header thing that have electricity going to them.  Of course the placement of the two holes make absolutely no sense in relation to ANYTHING in the bathroom, so unless I come up with some super smart way to center the holes, I may be calling in the handyman on this one.

I am imagining two lovely hanging lights though and that makes me happy.  (I say hanging lights, because right now, I have no intention of ripping that header thing out.  I will eventually, but re-drywalling the ceiling is just NO right now.)

The Tile

img_3609I am going to just give you a minute to listen to what the tile has to say for itself…

Did you hear the 80’s whispering in your ear?

So I have a super top secret plan for this.  A plan that may be my greatest triumph or my greatest fail to date.  Stay tuned…

The Doors

img_3606We are friends, so I am going to be honest with you here.  These are not the worst doors in our house.


So obviously knobs, and I am looking into replacing the doors with something more along the lines of 2016, and less along the lines of “cheap, hollow flat doors from the 80’s that have been badly painted and a dog has scratched to death.”  Not the look I am going for.  I know you’re shocked.

The Walls

img_3611Ultimately I would love to plank these walls, but for now, I am looking for a faster fix.  I am leaning toward a very light gray, which is proving to be more difficult than I first anticipated, as you can see.  I am six paint samples in and haven’t quite found “it” yet.  I will though.  The paint guy and I are close.

So that’s the big stuff.  There is a lot to do, but it thrills me to no end to get to this point with our 80’s beauty queen house and I can’t wait to share my progress with you, friend!

PS- Have you checked out my new little craft shop on Etsy yet?

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The Burlap Nest

I am interrupting your regularly scheduled day to share some exciting news with you:

Guess what, my friend?!

My little crafty business named The Burlap Nest is now officially official!


The Burlap Nest can now be found on the Facebook at

And on Etsy at

I am super excited to get this going and would so appreciate you stopping by to give me feedback on how things are looking, what you would change, what you like (ya know, friend stuff).  I will tell you now, both pages are works in progress (what ISN’T a work in progress in my  life right now?!), but I have high hopes for what’s to come!


Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge.  Even when it’s scary.  Even when something feels like it’s not quite perfect yet.  Even when it would be easier to not realize your dream.


So I am plunging…deeply.


Hugs from this very excited girl!

A Long Overdue Coffee Chat

Well hello there, friend!  It has been a while since we’ve talked, hasn’t it?

(like two months kind of a while…sheesh)

I’ve written eleventy billion blogs to you in my head (while I should be sleeping because that’s when everything brilliant comes to me), but those don’t count, so let’s catch up, shall we?

Our New House


The 80’s beauty queen house is coming right along and we are so happy in our smaller place.  Sure she needs love (and a whole bunch of it), but the layout has been fantastic for us and not once have I wished for that extra 1200 square feet from our old house.  In fact, I do a happy dance every time I clean, because seriously, it is a pure joy to clean a smaller house.

So far we’ve redone the back porch, which is a whole thang that I am currently unwilling to re-live, but I will tell you it turned out great.

We started with this:


(Please note that the back of our house was a different color than the front.  Somehow this is something we failed to notice until after she belonged to us, because obviously we are good with details.)


  This floor…oh friend, this floor.

If you follow me on Instagram you will know a teensy bit about the floor saga.  Let’s just say it was long and drawn out and I am not yet able to really talk about it because, yeah.  That machine was the devil.


The previous owners pulled up the indoor outdoor carpet (could we please start a petition against further manufacturing of this horrendous product?!) and so graciously left us with carpet backing and glue that baked in the sun for, oh I don’t  know, WAY TOO LONG.


Long story short, I ended up putting pavers over the whole mess and it looks great now (thanks Dad for talking me into this and off of the bullet train to Crazytown).

Like I said, I am currently unable to fill you in on the details because of my floor trauma is severe, but we now love our porch.  Big fat puffy heart love.  So, it was all worth it…maybe.

Craft Show Season

Craft show season is upon us again and having a smaller house is making things a bit more interesting.  It currently looks like I have some sort wreath farm going because we have 17 wreaths lined up on our fireplace hearth (yes we have a fireplace and yes I am so incredibly excited about that!).  Thank goodness I have a very understanding family, because craft show season asks a lot of them.

All of this burlapy fun is putting a lot of house stuff on hold, but that’s fine.  She’s been looking like this for 36 years, a few more weeks isn’t going to hurt her.  She knows we love her anyway.


I am sorry, is it fall?  It’s still 88 degrees here.  Boo.

I did open our french doors (yes we have those too and yes I am so excited about them and no the paper shades and torn up mini blinds are not staying) this morning because it was lovely and cool.  That lasted about 10 minutes.  Welcome to Florida.


I am making Corn and Butternut Squash Soup next week.  I do not care. We will turn the air down and pretend.  A Florida girl has to get her fall in anyway she can.

(By the way, that link up there is our favorite recipe ever.  I like to add an acorn squash in as well, because I am crazy like that.  I guarantee much fall happiness if you eat this soup with a delicious crusty bread.  I am totally serious.)

Virtual School

Oh yes, yes we are.  Because we are nine kinds of crazy and four weeks in Europe just wasn’t enough together for this family.

Actually, after much difficulty, we seem to have found our footing (praise Jesus because Mama was loosing it quickly).  The boys are enjoying the freedom of working at their own pace and we are settling into our schedule, which is really less of a schedule and more of boys running around my house without shirts and constantly shooting Nerf darts everywhere.  Just like regular school, only different.


It’s awesome.

So that’s what’s up around here.  How are things at your homestead?  Are you doing lovely fall things whilst we are still dangerously circling spontaneous combustion due to heat here in Florida?

It’s been so nice to talk again!  I’ve missed you.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend, friend!

Fast Forward to Reality

Well we made it home from our European extravaganza.  I have to say, it was amazing.  When I look back at our pictures, I realize all we saw and did over our four weeks away and we wouldn’t trade that time for the world.

The jet lag we would willingly trade, but if you want to dance, you’ve got to pay the band, eh?

In order to catch you up to now (which is exactly 4:36am might I add) I am going to give you a super fast forward edition of the rest of our trip.  Buckle up, we are going to cover some miles.


We spent nearly a week in Prague, which was beautiful, but honestly a little too long.  Prague is B.U.S.Y.  Like shoulder to shoulder, pushing, sweaty people in certain areas.  Not our thing.  Once you get away from the major sites, it loosens up a bit makes for a more enjoyable experience.


Prague has an interesting Soviet history which gives it a different feel than other European countries we’ve visited.  Tourism is still new(ish) to them and they are working out some kinks.  The mix of architecture was fascinating and spoke volumes about the different eras the city had been through.  Their not so long ago independence is really something interesting to read up on while you’re there.


Hello from Prague! #Prague #klakvaca #whataview #longwalkuphill #praguecastlecomplex #itsreallyhothere #thisabundantlife #familyvacation #europe #czechrepublic


This little stop over was a pleasant surprise.  Baltic Air allows its passengers to extend their layovers up to 24 hours, so of course we jumped on the opportunity to see Latvia and we were not disappointed.


We stayed in the Old Town area which is full of lovely buildings,  outdoor restaurants, and live music.  We were told they only have about a month of warm Summer and let me tell you, they enjoy it while they’ve got it!


We definitely want to return to Latvia and now know it is worth the extra effort to go off the beaten path to get there.



From Latvia we flew onto Denmark where we spent the last few days of our trip.  We didn’t end up covering as much ground here as we would have liked due to extreme fatigue.  Four weeks of travel caught up with us here and when you have your kids in tow, you can not push on through fatigue.


We really enjoyed the feel of the city though.  Bikes are a major source transportation for its citizens and it puts our chronic US driving habits to shame.  We are definitely going to make some transportation changes after seeing Copenhagen.


I slipped away and did a tour of the Royal Palace, which was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  The boys wouldn’t quite have enjoyed it as much as I did, so going back to play Legos with Dad was a win-win for everyone.


From there, we made the ten hour flight home, which was a breeze.  It was an amazing four weeks and we are already talking about doing it next summer.


Now back to reality…

Rothenburg, Germany ( It Should be on your list)

Oh Rothenburg, how we loved thee.

How could we not?


Y’all, I was a little bit concerned when I read that Rotheburg was super touristy (you know we don’t love that sort of thing), but we were pleasantly surprised by this little gem.

First, look where we stayed.  Be still my heart.  A pink house!


We occupied the second floor, directly above the sweetest little coffee shop.  The shop and our apartment were a fantastic mix of Shabby Chic, vintage cuteness that gave me a good dose of girly, which let me tell you, is a welcome treat in my testosterone rich world.

Now let me tell you the secret of our love with this village.

Yes, it’s touristy.  Yes, you could come in on a big bus, see the main sites in one day, then move on.  But, if you have more time, oh friend, that’s when the magic happens.


See, if you firmly plant yourself somewhere for a while.  Live in the community.  Wander the winding roads.  Shop in the 400 year old bakery.  Sit at the cafe all afternoon.  That, my friend, is when you really experience a place.  That is when you learn the history and the feel of a community.


Sure we missed some things in the surrounding area.  There was more we could have done to pack our days, cover more ground, check more things off our list.  But we’ve learned that that’s not how we like to travel.


So please, add Rothenburg to your list, but…

Get an apartment.  Stay past the hours of the tour buses and just wander the streets.  Eat from every bakery that you pass.  Learn the history (which is pretty amazing).  Enjoy being there.

How do you like to travel?