DIY Hanging Planter

Ya’ll, I am so excited about this project!  And like so many projects, it all started with a little spin through the Target Dollar Spot where I picked up three of these lovelies!


I loved these little buckets so much, but the pink just wasn’t going to cut it in my testosterone laden house.  I had to do something to bring it down a notch, so I picked up a roll (spool?) of twine at the Dollar Tree.  (You should seriously go get yourself some of this twine.  It really cutes up everything from gifts to mason jars!)

IMG_3100Am I the only one who does all my crafting on the floor?

After putting a dot of hot glue at the base of the bucket, I started wrapping with the twine.  I put several more dots of hot glue as I wrapped to keep things in place.


And I ended up with the beauties!  Less girlie, but still adorable!  Love them!

Next up, I dug this board out of my stash of thrift store junk.



 Don’t hate me for ruining this work of art, but I took the palm sander to it.  I had visions of staining it with a really nice walnut stain.  Then I realized this thrift store bargain was not made of lovely grainy wood, but particle board.  Not so lovely.  Plan B.  I raided my stash of tester paints (I have, oh I don’t know, 35 or so.  I have an issue) and found a good off white linen color.  See, I keep ALL the samples for a reason!


After painting the board, I distressed the edges a with the palm sander and applied a thin coat of stain, followed by coat of wax.  Voila!  The Ugly Duckling sign was transformed!  I have no idea why Hubby gives me the stink eye when I come home with this stuff.  Well, other than the fact that this very sign has been sitting on the shelf in the garage for, oh I don’t know, four years.  Yeek.  I may have an issue there too!

IMG_3126IMG_3125Anyway, I eyeballed the placement of the hooks, which I picked up at an antique shop for $1 each (yes, that purchase was also a while ago.  Issues, I tell you.)   And screwed them into the board.  I wasn’t happy with the silver color of the screws so I colored them with a Sharpie marker.  From far away, you can’t even tell that they don’t match exactly.

And now for the big reveal!


I love the little plants spilling out of each bucket.  This project would also be good for an office or playroom.  I can see them filled with colorful markers, crayons, or scissors.


I especially like how this project fills up an awkward space on a very awkward wall that serves as the divider between the living room and the foyer.  Builders love to make weird walls, don’t they?


I haven’t had a lot of spare time lately (the plague and a little jaunt to Costa Rica) so I haven’t had a chance to be crafty and I need to be crafty.  It feeds my soul.  I was so thrilled with this little project and it really took me no time at all.  I definitely need to be better about setting aside time to feed my creative side.

I would love to hear about any projects you’ve been doing to nurture your crafty self.  Leave a link in the comments section below and I will come by to check them out!

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    • this abundant life says:

      DIY Homegirl, I am happy to hear that you liked the idea. Adding plants to your home really brings it to life, doesn’t it. Thanks so much for reading! 🙂

  1. Taryn says:

    The antique hooks really sets this up to look super good. And I had to laugh when you said you used a Sharpie to color the screw heads. Sharpies and my kids permanent markers have saved the day more than once 🙂

    • this abundant life says:

      Yes Taryn, Sharpie markers are good for pretty much everything. 😉 Glad you enjoyed the project! I would love to see a picture if you try it out yourself! Thanks for reading 🙂

    • this abundant life says:

      Thanks, Lauel! It was such an easy and affordable project, which are the best kinds of projects! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

    • this abundant life says:

      I do too! I have several house plants that in our home and I think they bring such a great touch to the rooms. Thanks for reading!

    • this abundant life says:

      I am not sure! I do love that type of plant though (I have no idea what it is called). I bought one over a year ago and I keep taking clippings and rooting them in water. I probably have five or six going right now! 🙂 I am thinking I may switch the plants out for some herbs though for the summer. They will have to be something that doesn’t grow too tall or too large since the containers are not that big. Any ideas?

    • this abundant life says:

      Rhonda, I would have loved to have leave them pink, but I think that would have started a riot! 😉 Moms of boys have to be careful of these things! Hehe! Thanks so much for reading!

    • this abundant life says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I see all sorts of potential for these cute little buckets. Little Man suggested I fill them with mints as a reward for when he makes his bed 🙂

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