DIY Chalkboard Flower Pots

Remember my epic garage sale find from last week?  Well today I am going to show you how I made these beauties to put inside of it.

How to make chalkboard flower pots

Let me start by telling you that I am a haphazard crafter.  I usually jump in with both feet and hope for the best.  However the best does not always happen, yet I tend to forget that fact in the passion of a crafting moment.  So, do as I tell you, not as I did!

You will need:

  • naked terracotta pots and drainage plates
  • polycrylic sealer
  • painters tape
  • spray paint in your choice of color (I used gold because I am fancy like that)
  • chalkboard paint
  • paintbrush (here is my all time favorite paintbrush, which I realize is for trim work but I love it for everything!)

Wooster shortcut paint brush

Step 1:

IMG_3203Start with your naked terracotta pots and drainage plates.

Paint the inside and outside of the pots and drainage plates with poly-acrylic sealer like this one.

I learned the hard way that you need to do this so that the paint sticks to the pots and so water in the soil does not “breath” through the terracotta and destroy your craftiness.

From what I read (after I did my pots) this sealing should not effect the health of your plants.  Just make sure to let it dry before adding your plants to the pots.

Step 2:

Once the poly-acrylic dries, tape off the rims of the pots with painters tape.  Don’t worry about the bottom portion of the pots, you’ll paint those later.  Also, don’t make yourself crazy with getting the tape perfectly straight.  There is really no need for that sort of craziness.


Step 3:

Using your spray paint, spray the rims of the pots and the all of drainage plates.  I needed two coats to get a good cover.  Watch your recoat times.  I have had issues on other projects because I did not follow the directions (haphazard crafting at its finest).  Apparently they are not merely there as a suggestion, as I assumed.


Step 4:

Remove the painters tape and paint the bottom half of your terracotta pots with chalkboard paint.  I ended up doing three coats for good coverage and durability.  Again, the line doesn’t have to be perfect.  This is where my favorite paintbrush comes in handy!  It makes it pretty easy to get a fairly straight line.  And fairly straight is all you need.


Step 5:

This is where things went a little sideways for me.  I realized that the gold spray paint was coming off on my hands.  (I had not pre-sealed the pots, so that may have been my issue.)  Because of this, I ended up applying a coat of poly-acrylic sealer to the rims of the pots and the drainage plates.  This seemed to solve the problem and actually gave the pots a really neat gold leaf, aged kind of look.  Because that’s what I meant to do all along.  So just to be safe, I would do the same if I were you.


Bonus Step 6:

IMG_3207Here is a little tip I learned somewhere along the way.  When potting plants (especially indoor plants), add a coffee filter to the bottom of the pot to prevent dirt from spilling out of the drainage hole.  You are welcome.  And thank you for being so awesome and waiting for this post!

So there you have it!  An easy project for Spring that makes a big impact!  Enjoy!


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How to make chalkboard flower pots

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    • this abundant life says:

      I keep my herbs either in my house (which is what I am doing now) or on our back screened in porch. Squirrels are such pests though! We fought with them big time when we lived in NC. They used to steal my green tomatoes and it made me nuts!!! Good luck!

  1. Cheryl says:

    HI Trish, I love the idea of the chalk paint pots to label what’s in them…what a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial; I’m going to try it. I think these would make nice gifts for friends, too.

    • this abundant life says:

      That’s a great idea, Cheryl! I am thinking of doing something like this for Teacher Appreciation Week. Thanks so much for reading!

    • this abundant life says:

      I am sure the summer is lovely over there! It will soon be like a sauna here! Thanks so much for reading!

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