How to Paint Stripes on a Textured Wall

Ok ya’ll, as I promised I am FINALLY going to show you how I get razor clean lines when I paint stripes on our textured walls.  I am not sure if anyone else except us Floridians enjoy textured walls, but this is good information to stick in your back pocket even if you have baby smooth walls.

Start with a totally boring wall…..Zzzzzzz

IMG_3440I had Hubby help me figure out the width of the stripes based up on the height of the wall.  Math genius I am not, so he finagled the numbers a little bit to get my stripes to 10 1/2 inches wide (more or less).  Then I grabbed my level and started measuring the width of my first stripe.

IMG_3443Always, always, always start at the ceiling with your measuring.  If your last stripe is an odd width, it’s better to have it at the bottom.  Trust me.

After measuring 10 1/2 inches down from the ceiling and marking it off with chalk hash marks, I went back and connected the hash marks.  Again, I used the level to keep the line nice and straight.

IMG_3444Keep on going all the way down like this until you are finished chalking in your stripes.  It really helps if you label the color of your stripes with chalk, especially when you start the next step.

IMG_3448Now, listen to me here.  Buy FROG TAPE.  Do not get cheap and get the blue stuff.  Sure that’s fine for run of the mill projects, but not for striping on a textured wall.  Frog Tape.  Trust me.

IMG_3454Start taping off the stripes you want to paint.  Make sure you are taping on the base color side of  your chalk line (this is why the labeling helps).  You want to outline your accent stripe with the Frog Tape.

IMG_3459After you finish taping, go back and really press down the edges with your finger.  This will help seal off the tape for your next step.

IMG_3455The taping isn’t too difficult.  I find it’s easier to get straight lines if I use a longer piece, but you can figure out what works best for you.

IMG_3463Ok, this next step is CRUCIAL.  Do not get lazy and skip this!  You must paint over the Frog Tape with your base color.  Paint inside the tape box where you will later paint your accent stripe.  This activates the Frog Tape and really seals it off.  In the picture below, I will paint the accent color below the tape.  Does that make sense?

IMG_3466Once that dries, you are finally ready to paint your accent stripes.  Here is where my project went a little sideways.  Ok, a lot sideways.

IMG_3470I had this idea that I wanted the stripes to match our trim color, so that’s what I used.  About 2 1/2 stripes into the project, I realized that the white was blindingly white.  I HATED it!  Not to worry though, I have a paint stash the size of the the Home Depot paint department.  I rummaged through and found an old can of the base color for our foyer.  Much better, don’t you think?

IMG_3476It only took three coats to cover up the shocking white paint.  Only three coats.  Blah.

Once everything dries, it is time to take off the tape and see the magic!  Don’t freak out when you do this.  You will see some white under the tape and think the paint has bled through.  But it hasn’t.  It’s just your old chalk line.

IMG_3482Once your lovely new stripes dry, just wipe everything down with a damp rag and the chalk will come right off.

IMG_3485Perfectly straight lines every.single.time.  LOVE IT!

IMG_3484And I know you’ve seen it in my previous post, but it’s just too pretty not to share again!

IMG_3499Ahhhh…so cozy, so lovely, so straight.

If you have any questions about my tip for razor straight paint lines, feel free to contact me in the comments section below.  Remember, don’t get lazy and skip any of the steps or you won’t get the amazing results!

Have you ever painted stripes on a wall?  Do you have any other tips you want to share with us?

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  1. ParentingIsFunny says:

    Way to go. I’m still amazed that you had the energy for this project! Funny how in the bottom two pictures the stripes don’t look like the same color. I wonder if it’s the lighting or just what’s around them in each picture that causes the color change. Whatever. Looks fab! And def. a good call to switch to the darker color instead of the white!

    • this abundant life says:

      ParentingIsFunny, you have hit the nail on the head about the paint woe’s in this house! Every time you blink, the paint looks like it’s another color. Even the two walls that come together look like different colors in the pictures, but they’re not! I nearly turned gray trying to find a paint color that looked good in all lights on all walls in this house. I finally settled on what I have, even though it isn’t quite perfect. You’ve got to let things go and move on sometimes…especially when your husband starts giving you the side eye every time you come home with seven more paint samples! 😉

    • this abundant life says:

      Wow! A mural?! I am so impressed! I don’t think I am brave enough to do something like that!

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