And Then We Turned Around and He Was Standing There

We arrived in Munich yesterday.

It was hard to tear our hearts away from Mittenwald with its lovely small town charm, but the train waits for no one, so we hopped aboard for Munich.


After checking into our Novotel (which is very nice, by the way), we headed down to Marienplatz, which is the main square in Munich.

Y’all, I am a firm believer in seeing the “must see” sites in each city, but gah!  Sometimes there are just so many darn tourists that also want to see the “must see” sites that it is just a multi-cultural village of tourism crazy town.

This was Marienplatz yesterday.  Cra-zee town.

But not ones to be deterred (and being tourists ourselves), we took firm hold of our children and entered the deep seas of tourists in front of the Rathaus which holds the famous Glockenspiel.  The building was quite impressive and definitely worth checking out, though pictures were difficult because of the volume of lookers.  And we weren’t there at the right time for the Glockenspiel joust.  So yeah, it wasn’t a dream encounter but whatev’s, we still saw it.


We then made our way inside the Rathaus to take the six euro (for the whole family) elevator ride to the top, because if there is anything we like, it’s a view from above (seriously, it’s kind of become a thing with us).


 So we got on this strangely small elevator and another American family jumps on with us.  We proceeded to chat it up about our travels when I hear Mr. American Husband lean toward his wife and say, “Isn’t that Rick?”  Thinking the quiet gentleman behind me on the elevator must be someone American Family recognized from a previous tour, I casually turn around and then….

Hang on, let me just say something here:

Y’all there are weird things that happen in life and then there are things that you just couldn’t even make up because they are so unimaginable.  This thing that happened next is definitely the latter.


Ok, back to the story:

So I turn around on this tiny elevator inside the Munich Rathaus and right behind me stands none other than Rick Steves himself.

I kid you not.

Rick Steves.

The great American guru of European travel.  In the elevator with us.  In Europe.


No, you cannot, because I cannot.

After a smallish freak out, we proceeded to the top of the tower with Rick Steves.  We took a picture with Rick Steves.  We watched Rick Steves make notes in a Rick Steves travel book.


We tried to play it cool around Rick Steves, but maybe didn’t when I told him I didn’t immediately recognize him without his backpack.  Smooth, huh?  Yep, that’s classic me.

So one side note that makes this all the weirder:

 Just the day before all this happened, Hubby was saying, “Wouldn’t it be crazy to run into Rick Steves while we’re in Europe?”  And of course I was like, “yeah” and then the very next day…the VERY next day…Rick Steves.


Life is way crazy sometimes, isn’t it?


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