Rothenburg, Germany ( It Should be on your list)

Oh Rothenburg, how we loved thee.

How could we not?


Y’all, I was a little bit concerned when I read that Rotheburg was super touristy (you know we don’t love that sort of thing), but we were pleasantly surprised by this little gem.

First, look where we stayed.  Be still my heart.  A pink house!


We occupied the second floor, directly above the sweetest little coffee shop.  The shop and our apartment were a fantastic mix of Shabby Chic, vintage cuteness that gave me a good dose of girly, which let me tell you, is a welcome treat in my testosterone rich world.

Now let me tell you the secret of our love with this village.

Yes, it’s touristy.  Yes, you could come in on a big bus, see the main sites in one day, then move on.  But, if you have more time, oh friend, that’s when the magic happens.


See, if you firmly plant yourself somewhere for a while.  Live in the community.  Wander the winding roads.  Shop in the 400 year old bakery.  Sit at the cafe all afternoon.  That, my friend, is when you really experience a place.  That is when you learn the history and the feel of a community.


Sure we missed some things in the surrounding area.  There was more we could have done to pack our days, cover more ground, check more things off our list.  But we’ve learned that that’s not how we like to travel.


So please, add Rothenburg to your list, but…

Get an apartment.  Stay past the hours of the tour buses and just wander the streets.  Eat from every bakery that you pass.  Learn the history (which is pretty amazing).  Enjoy being there.

How do you like to travel?

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