The Burlap Nest

I am interrupting your regularly scheduled day to share some exciting news with you:

Guess what, my friend?!

My little crafty business named The Burlap Nest is now officially official!


The Burlap Nest can now be found on the Facebook at

And on Etsy at

I am super excited to get this going and would so appreciate you stopping by to give me feedback on how things are looking, what you would change, what you like (ya know, friend stuff).  I will tell you now, both pages are works in progress (what ISN’T a work in progress in my  life right now?!), but I have high hopes for what’s to come!


Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge.  Even when it’s scary.  Even when something feels like it’s not quite perfect yet.  Even when it would be easier to not realize your dream.


So I am plunging…deeply.


Hugs from this very excited girl!

Share a thought or two? I would love to hear from you!