Sometime You Have to Put on Your Big Girl Undies and Sell Your House

Thank you so much for the kind words about my return to my little corner of the internets.  It was so encouraging to hear from so many of you.


Now, let’s talk about why we moved from our American dream sized home to our current smaller home.  There is much to tell, so grab you some coffee and settle in.

Last summer, while vacationing at the beach, Hubby and I found ourselves in one of those deep, life altering conversations that sometimes happen when you aren’t in the routiney’ness of everyday life.  We discovered that we both had this indescribable sense of uneasiness.  As if something just wasn’t quite right in our lives.


Not knowing what else to do, we began a journey with God that is unlike anything we’ve ever been through before. We scrutinized every area of our lives, laying each thing on the alter, releasing every single thing we had to Him.

Friend, it was tough.  Particularly on me.

But now on the other side can I tell you, exposing your soul to the One who created your soul is a beautiful, exhausting, and life giving thing.

After months (MONTHS I tell you) of wrestling with pretty much everything, we came to this conclusion: the life we were living was not reflective of our values.

Let’s be clear here, we weren’t doing anything wrong by any stretch of the imagination.   After all, we were living the American Dream.  But we realized that by living the American Dream, we were not living out our faith and convictions. We were pouring money into our bottomless pool of excess, while people all over the world were scraping the bottom of the barrel of poverty.

That inauthenticity is what was rubbing at our souls.

So, Hubby, having less emotional attachment to stuff than I, immediately knew where we needed to start.  We needed to sell our home.


Friend, I don’t mind telling you, this decision was like deciding to cut off my arm.  Seriously, I had grown so attached to that place that I actually grieved loosing it.  I realize now that this is mildly ridiculous, but when something has so much become a part of your identity, well, it’s tough.  And I am not going to stand here and tell you I didn’t cry and stomp my feet.

Because I did.

And He can take it, which I always appreciate.

That decision started six months of preparation.

PSA:  Don’t let your home maintenance crap pile up.  You never know when God is going to tell you to break camp, so it’s better to keep up with it all along.  Seriously.  Ask me how I know.


In April we completed item number 653 on our “crap we should have taken care of before now, but never did” list and we decided to put our house up on the market.  We anticipated it would be a long road ahead because several homes in our neighborhood just weren’t selling.  We had a long range plan on this one.  What can I say, we are planners.

Well God went and had His own plan.

Just two and a half weeks later, we signed a contract on our house.  Never in our wildest dreams did we expect that.  And that’s how He kind of works, so I am not sure why we were so shocked.

Moving day has a way of being exciting, exhausting, and bitter sweet all at once. Every room in this home holds memories of our life and those are hard things to leave. But I know that our new home will hold new memories just as well as this one did, and I am confident that HE who started this good work in us WILL complete it. We are launching out into the deep today and we are expecting great things. Thank you for being so understanding of my blog absence over the last five months. I am looking forward to showing off my 80's "beauty queen in the making" new house and sharing our progress with her. It's going to be a fun (and probably slightly terrifying) road ahead! PS- Please say a little prayer for Hubby today. He broke his toe earlier this week which is not exactly ideal when you have to move furniture all day. Thanks friend. . Have a lovely Friday! #thisabundantlife #movingday #sweetmemories #sayinggoodbye #herewego #heisfaithful #boxes #moving #downsizing #prayersplease #packingitup #uhaulin #uhaul

We had not much time to a.) find a home b.) take advantage of the goodness of all our friends and couch surf for an undetermined amount of time (as if you can really do that with four people) or c.) become home free (as Hubby likes to put it) and hit the road in an RV to see the sights (which we did consider, but ruled against at this time).

Again, I cried and stressed.  (Clearly I am not a quick learner when it comes to faith which is why I think He keeps giving me these fabulous opportunities to learn it.)  I was getting a little too Goldilocks about the whole thing with my “this house is too dark and that house is too stinky” when our little 80’s beauty queen house popped onto the market.

Like I told you, she has needs, but the moment I walked in, I knew it was home.  I saw it just twice (and Hubby once) before we put in the offer.  But it’s kind of like a wedding dress, you just know.

You know when you’re home.


So here we are.  We don’t know what God has for us next, but moving here is our first step toward realigning our life with our values.  We are now on His agenda, and our finances and time are freed up in such a way that we can pour them into kingdom building and not self building.

And you know what, we are so incredibly happy.

Sure our kitchen is lost in the 80’s and the ceilings need to be finished and the floors need to be updated.

But we are so happy.

Because we are in a home that doesn’t require payments. Because we are in a home where we are together more. Because we are in a home that I can vacuum from just three plugs (yay!).

But mostly we are so happy because how we live is now reflective of our values and that is a very good thing, friend!

May I recommend a book?  Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt.  This book was instrumental in getting our souls in line with His plan for our lives.   If you are feeling the same soul rub, I think it will put words to what you are feeling.

Next time, more fun stuff like pictures of my 80’s kitchen!  Yeek!

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