Cutting the Strings

When we moved in to this house, I bought white rugs for our bathroom.  While they looked so fluffy and luxurious at Home Goods, I neglected to consider that I have a house full of boys.  Filthy boys.  Needless to say, those rugs have taken a beating.

After five years, I’ve found myself hating those rugs.  I particularly hate how every single time I wash them, they sprout strings.  TONS of strings. They look so shabby.  Those strings make me feel badly about the entire room.  (Well, that and the shower that desperately needs to be re-caulked, but that’s another post.)  Stupid strings.

I want to replace the stringy rugs, but my design prowess is locked up in there because of the paint color (that I HATE), so I am not ready to spend money on a room that has no direction and for which I feel no love.  So I have a master bathroom that has rugs that look shabby (a shower that needs recaulked) and a paint color that is not what I would have chosen had I had a little more of a spine at the time.

Every time I walk into that room I feel beh.  Yes, beh.  And  you know what I mean.

Every time I washed those rugs, NO, every time I looked at those rugs, I thought, “Self,  you need to cut those strings.”  But did I?  No.  I just never did.  I never took the time.

Until I did cut the strings.

imageHello, it’s Captain Obvious, cut the strings already, Lady!  I know, I know.

But I had to ask myself what held me back from taking the 37 seconds to trim up those rugs?  When I sat back and thought about it, I realized.

I didn’t think the room deserved to look good.

Stick with me here.  The paint color is a sore spot.  I feel really badly about how it turned out even all these years later.  So I gave up on the room.  I let it go.  Which didn’t teach the room a lesson, it made me feel worse.

imageI think we can all admit that we have things in our homes, or even in our lives, that we’ve given up on.  Friends, that’s outward evidence of something else going on inside.   And let me tell you, once I gave those rugs a haircut, I felt so much better.  It’s like I made up with the room.  We aren’t enemies.  Sure the paint color is still bad, but that doesn’t mean I have to punish the room (and us) by not doing what I can with what I’ve got.

imageThe rugs and the room don’t look so bad now.  It was the silliest, easiest thing to trim up the strings, but it made such a difference not only in the room, but for my outlook on the room.   I mean after all, I live here.  Life is too short to be in a fight with your bathroom.

Is there something you need to take care of in your house?  Maybe it’s a pile of papers that needs to be sorted or a light bulb that needs to be replaced.  Maybe it’s something bigger.  But I want to challenge you to take the time to fix whatever it is.  Fix it because your home should make you feel comfortable, not beh.  After all, you have to live there.

So go forth and cut those strings!

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