Like a Phoenix Rising from the Glitter

Like a phoenix rising from the glitter, I am returning to you.

The craft show crazies nearly took me and my glue gun to crazy town.  Like straight to crazy town on the direct express bus.  And we all know, there is no help once you get on that bus.

imageFor the last month and a half, my home and my person have been covered in burlap dust (this is a real thing) and glitter.  As Hubby so eloquently put it, “It looks like the craft show threw up all over our house.”


My mess left no corner of our home untouched and though the craft show was almost two weeks ago, it has taken me this long to reclaim all the spaces of our home as well as my sanity.  My excuse has been that I had a few orders to fill after the show, plus it has taken every ounce of strength I have to not hop on the previously mentioned bus to you know where.

Here is where I proudly wave my “I am an introvert” flag and you understand why I suffered with such a terrible post-craft show hangover.

imageBut I am back.

No longer covered in glitter.  No longer itching because burlap dust has infiltrated my yoga pants.  (Which is no good, by the way)  No longer compromising my brain cells with the smell of wood stain.

And it’s good to be back.

imageDid I love the craft show, you ask?  Yes I did.  It was fantastic.  My products were well received and all the craziness before hand was totally worth it.  Plus, my fantastic mom pitched in to help me out which proved to be the difference between feeling totally stressed and enjoying myself.

Will I do the craft show again, you ask?  Yes I will.  I am even kicking around the idea of opening an Etsy shop with a few of my products.  I do so love to craft and if I could sell a few items to feed my habit, that would be great.  After all, there does come a point when a home is no longer in need of more wreaths and I think we are there.

imageSo that’s where I’ve been.  I employed myself in my own crafting sweatshop and I have come out on the other side, having found my people (all the crafty ladies at the show were amazing) and made a little money.  Not too shabby.

imageWhat have you been up to, friend?

Do you have any experience with having an Etsy shop?  I am currently accepting advice if you care to share!

imageHave a wonderful day, friend!

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